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  • Nama                            : Adya Zizwan Putra
  • Birth Date                      : Medan, 3 May 1992
  • Gender                          : Male
  • Age                               : 26 Years Old
  • Adress                           : Jl. Nangka No 9 Medan
  • Website                         : http://adyazp.com
  • E-mail                           : putrazizwanadya@gmail.com


  • Work                             : PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk. Indonesia
  • Region                           : Region I / Sumatera 1 – Distributions
  • Position                          : Manager



2014           Bachelor    Indonesia           University of Sumatera Utara (Computer Science / GPA 3.71)

2017           Master       Indonesia           University of Sumatera Utara (Computer Science / GPA 3.7)


Experience & Expertise (Summary)

  • I work at Bank Mandiri Persero Tbk. (Regional Office 1 Medan, Indonesia).
  • Lecturer : Universitas Prima Indonesia
  • The Best at the Mandiri Innovation Award in Jakarta 2012 – 2018
  • I ever win to Cloning System as YouTube uses Linux in USU-Informatics Engineering.
  • I developed a web-based monitoring application for Savings and transactions
  • I developed a web-based monitoring application for Savings and transactions banking. I’ve also developed Mobile-based apps for iOS and Android (ATM & EDC Monitoring Application using gateway technology and Web Database)
  • I am also working as an assistant teaching lecturer at the University of Sumatra Utara majoring in Informatics Engineering and in Amik Harapan Medan Indonesia.
  • I teach on Campus University UISU Medan – Indonesia, both Theory and Practice of Programming Course
  • I also teach in guidance so that my knowledge will always increase. I teach basic programming courses, application packages, Computer architecture, systems database, SQL administration and PHP-based programming such as web.
  • I’ve done a lot of projects like railway ticket sales WML-based online and I also create academic applications on schools (portals academic) based on PHP, HTML, Java Script. I will be responsible for the task which are given.
  • Then I’m also running PHP for Android and various projects object-oriented programming.
  • Ever worked in Data Center PLN North Sumatra region develop applications for customers using Oracle database. I was once an assistant Lab at TI University of North Sumatra
  • Participate in the Team of devotion to the local schools to build the system Information with FMIPA-USU lecturers
  • I was once a Programming Club instructor at Sutomo 1 for the Olympics National (TOKI)

I have taught Matter (Being a Seminar Speaker) Robotics and make Robot and Pascal Logic

  • Digtal Library Project and Others.



PT BANK MANDIRI (Persero) Tbk (2012 – Present)

  • Change Agent
  • The Cultural Internal Team of Bank Mandiri Regional Office 1 Medan (Creative Team)
  • Develop Project Banking (Create banking application)
  • The 2nd Best Mandiri Innovation Award 2017 – Mandiri Employee Award 2018
  • Innovator Bank Mandiri (Regional Reward of 2012 and 2013)
  • The Best Mandiri Innovation Award 2012 Merchant Perfomance System
  • The Best Mandiri Innovation Award 2013 ATM & EDC Care (Gateway Monitoring & Control)
  • Finalist Mandiri Innovation Award (e-Coordinator)
  • The Best Mandiri Innovation Award 2014 Bank System (e-Rent Control): build system using Android for control branch lease.
  • The Best Mandiri Innovation Award 2015 MAP (EDC Monitor)
  • The Best 2nd Mandiri Innovation Award 2017 – Mandiri 360 : The System focus on service, control, people development.
  • Adademic Digital Calendar uses Jquery Touch for easy inside management of calendars and digital information boards. It has been used in Mandiri University
  • Data Center: Applications that can collect all supporting and business data in one easy-to-use system.
  • Reborn (Referral Business Owner): using Mobile Web Auto Responsive which is used as the referral of the branches and business units and data can be a pipeline (as one of the alliance programs)
  • Verifier Report: uses the website to store all branch findings and Areas can easily coordinate the findings of the verifier. (As one of the Innovation Application in Event Perisa1 Award and Verifier Award 2014)
  • e-Journal: ebook that can be accessed by mobile and tablet or computer contains regular activities of regional offices, areas and branches.
  • Application Mandiri Internet Business System: to reconcile any SR MIB Data day using mobile web.
  • Document of Digital Culture: to reconcile cultural data using the website.
  • e-Special Rate: application to recover special deposit rate data.
  • Mandirians One Book (MOB): Social networking apps with similar appearance Facebook.
  • Server Mail: Applications built to facilitate the management correspondence using intranet network.
  • Signage Culture: applications that are programmed on which monitor will display cultural activities and as information boards.
  • Web-based ATM performance monitoring system
  • 15 Innovations


One Heart One Mandiri

  • I always check EDC machine and give the report if there is problem, do cross sell not only EDC machine but other product also.(collaboration)
  • Selling Mandiri Products to family and neighbor example of referral realization microcredit (collaboration).
  • Equally Active & concerned about ATM & EDC machines that are problematic and also developed ATM EDC Care system (SMS Gateway, Mobile Apps -Google Play Store) which has been implemented also in Region 3,4,5,6,8 (bank wide). So that all employees anywhere can keep the ATM and EDC who also manifested are.
  • Collaborate with Transaction Banking Business to create innovations for monitoring business performance of EDC machine (collaboration with SR) – Merchant Performance System. (MAPS)
  • Innovate the ATM Checklist as a tool for standardizing the machine ATM
  • Collaborate with other Units for the development of employee knowledge (work same as SQO & Head of work unit) to choose the training module so that exact Goal (Self 360)


Mandiri grow healthy

  • Participate in the organizing (committee) for the event togetherness Mandiri Club and Event office to eliminate the culture of sunkan yet polite. Convey the applicable provisions of the examples related to Human Capital (conveying the rights and obligations of employees).
  • Learn about the easy self-contained module associated with Gratification Control (Ensure all employees access the module)
  • Collaborate with Regional Business Control to create an ealry system warning system and Mandiri Online test to measure employee’s ability in performing risk mitigation
  • Mandiri e-Smart: collaboration with SAM Group for bad credit handlers
  • Maintaining Integrity in HC (Bank Mandiri Bank Wide scale).
  • Engage directly in making training and be a good trainer to the new / existing staff and the modules submitted are not just related with staffing but also e-Banking modules and other fund products. To support Bank Mandiri for business achievement.
  • Sharing to employees through bankers updates and also on sharing sessions morning briefing. Examples: module Culture of Excellence Scoreboard, mandiriclick (employee productivity), etc.
  • Sharing in i-share independently (small thing but routine as refreshment material)
  • Sharing & Collaboration in other Regions on the Acquisition of Merchant and Monitoring Sales. pang5jkt3.com, maung6bandung.com, mandiriregion8.com & Accelerated follow up of ATM & EDC issues. Sharing in some work units under the coordination of Region 3,5,6,8.
  • As TIM helps to technical update Pinpad in Branch as well as IT related socialization in all Area under Region I / Sumatera 1


  1. PLN (PERSERO) (2011 – 2012)
  • Data Center
  • Web Developer
  • Being a member in developing digital meter applications in PLN Territory SUMUT which makes a project check the meter using Mobile. (Checker Meters do a photo on the meter using the Android Apps and then in Image Detection and Stored in the database).


BINUS INSTRUCTOR (2011 – 2012)

  • As a Robotics Teaching Staff
  • As a Lecturer for the International Olympiade of Science and Technology Preparation
  • As a Computer Programming Instructor
  • As a lecturer in Singapore Class Java Programming



  • The Best MIA 2013
  • The Best MIA 2014
  • The Best MIA 2015
  • The Best MIA 2017
  • MBE 2017 – Manager (Candidate)



  • Backtrack Linux Community
  • Creative In Innovation Team of Bank Mandiri
  • Developer Programmer PHPAndroid
  • Developer Team PLN Digital Meter (electricity) Region
  • Team of Dedication of FMIPA USU- Indonesia
  • Chairman of OSIS SMA Negeri 7 Medan – Indonesia
  • Commander Paskibra SMA Negeri 7 Medan – Indonesia
  • Bina Mental Islam SMA Negeri 7 Medan – Indonesia
  • Chairman of the T.I Student Association – USU Medan Indonesia



  • Core Android programming
    Start time: April 2010
    End Time: April 2010
    Organizer: Indosat
  • Mastering Website
    Start Time: September 2010
    End Time: September 2010
    Organizer : FMIPA informatics engineering University


  • The Committee of USU (English)
    Start time: September 2004
    End Time: September 2004
    Organizer : University of North Sumatera
  • Binus Certified XHTML CSS
    Start Time: February 2012
    End Time: February 2012
    Organizer: Binus Center


  • Binus Certified Instructor
    Start Time: March 2012
    End Time: March 2012
    Organizer: Binus Center
  • Blogger Party
    Start Time: May 2009
    End Time: May 2009
    Organizer: Webmedia Center
  • Hacking Techniques by ono w purbo
    Start Time: October 2010
    End Time: October 2010
    Organizer: Imilkom USU
  • Information technology seminar
    Start time: June 2009
    End Time: June 2009
    Organizer: tech production


  • Speaker @Iconict STTH (international Conference)
    Start time: August 2017
    End Time: August 2017
    Organizer: USU, STTH









Published Paper



No Title / Paper Writer Publish Time Place


Adya Zizwan Putra Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd

Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 930, conference 1

2 The Use of AMVA Cryptographic Algorithms on Kerberos using Queuing Model to Test The Performance of Authentication



Adya Zizwan Putra Seminar Nasional Inovasi & Teknologi Informasi (SNITI) (ISSN: 2548-4540) 11-12 November 2016 Samosir
3 Perancangan Sistem Penyampaian Permasalahan Mesin ATM (Automated Teller Machine) dan EDC (Electronic Data Capture) Berbasis Mobile Application For Multiple Platform Menggunakan PhoneGap/Cordova Framework (Write Once, Compile in Cloud, Run Anywhere)


Adya Zizwan Putra Seminar Nasional Literasi Informasi          (SENARAI) 1 Desember 2014 USU- Medan




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